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Thank you for that, I guess I'll work on upgrading the normal Coli Blades then.

Here's what I got from the Re-Option and Cubing down:

Since I got the Max Physical Damage at LV.5 9% and have the Fire element, which is useless, should I cube down the Fire element to give more Dura for the Blades to put in Min Damage or should I re-opt again to try and get the Min Damage as the blue option and add in the Max Physical for later?

Also I have 90 Super Puzzle Coupons for both LV1 - 5 and LV6 - 10, so I can even cube down the Max to make it even better right? Though I need to buy some Advanced Enchant Remedy to make sure I have 99% success rate and then I'll buy the Craft Mask to improve my success rate to 101% (or 100% for the game) to prevent them from breaking.
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