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gah lol
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i still say.. if you are new do the age 17! you get to play 3 weeks and do whatever you want or not do and you get a free rb at 20. i think this one is more good if you are a casual player and just want to enjoy the game at your own pace AND save money. It is pretty easy to hit min lvl 30 in 3 weeks and to get your explore lvl to 15 is easy as long as you attend the important field bosses each week and sketch them all in every ch. (Red Dragon Every Monday and Desert Dragon every Wednesday). With that you can easily get what? 45 ap. If you work a little bit harder you can each lvl 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 80 100 or whatever LOL it all depends on how much you want to do dungeons! And in all your spare time you can work on your skills.

i myself find 3 weeks a rb enough time for me to do what i want ^^ and not worry about GAH I PAID MONEY FOR RB AND I ONLY GOT TO LVL 2? and A WEEK PASSED AND I HAVE TO RB AGAIN??? then i rb LOL...i used to do that when i would weekly rb at age 10 till i noticed hey.. im doing everything super rushed! and not doing it well i changed to free RB. The weeks waiting from age 10 to get to 20 were MISERABLE. Cause i myself when i hit a certain lvl i just dont bother anymore. Then my ap gain slowed.. and i had to use what i had left wisely.

But ums if you are serious about AP and being PRO or are just rich in rl or have money to spare. Then go the weekly RB at age 10 get past lvl 50 get explore to lvl 15 and repeat forever till you run out of rl money or till you quit. You will never be short of AP. you can get everything to R1 in a couple of months with hard work. to me you pretty much do everything you could have done in 3 weeks but you squish it all in one week and it can get tedious in my opinion. Oi you can also do mhms.. start age 17 then if you want rb at 18 and just stay in those ages! then if you ever stop weekly rb you are not far from age 20 C: for free RB

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