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Default NinjaDoughnut's Answers!

Originally Posted by Shnao
So why did you choose the name NinjaDoughnut?

oh and also, do you have any phobias?
I'm actually known for being Ninja burger (just a random name I thought of, I like ninjas. Burgers, not really, no) so, I tried to use it as a username, turns out someone used it already. ;_;

•I have a syringe phobia. When someone is about to get a shot I quickly go out of the room, and when I get a shot.. ..I cry. A lot. but the last time I got a shot was around 2-3 years ago. I'm not sure now. (I'm not afraid of knives, blood, anything sharp, etc)

•I also have a parade phobia. Yes. I am afraid of parades. I have no idea why, especially those dragon dancers.

•And lastly, I'm afraid of bugs, the dark, ghosts, 3am yattayatta
Originally Posted by Aimee
Whats the most interesting dream you've ever had?
I have 2!

•One would be the FPS dream I had about a zombie apocalypse. The zombies had tanks and mini guns and everything. They were the worst kind of zombies. Fast zombies I basically killed almost everyone with my Ninja skills, long ranged taser and a flamethrower. I got shot in the arm, which really hurt when I woke up! They also had this weapon, they were like magnetic balls that stick to your skin and explodes. It hurts. XD

•The other one was a pokemon battle. ..with Kyube. We were in a desert, and he had unfair pokemon. He had a deoxys with miniguns and tanks and etc. :| I had a few good pokemon I can't remember. I also can't recall who won.
Originally Posted by Justice
What do you think of the uprising in Libya? How about worldwide poverty rates? Peak oil?
•It saddens me. I don't understand really, why the government is.. that. You're not gonna lose anything if you give your citizens what they want right? I'm not very particular with the uprising though. All I know is that Gadafi guy is really ugly. What caused it?
•Worldwide poverty rates.know how it feels to have people knocking on your car door ,selling peanuts when you're stuck in traffic. I always wished that the world can be like a communist world. Everything equal. Starvation in Africa is really devastating too. ;_;
•Peak Oil. I think when oil production becomes extremely high we should just save it. In like an underground storage of some sort. That way we wouldn't have a problem!
Originally Posted by Henreh
Are you filled with Ninja Jelly?
•Why yes, yes I am!

Originally Posted by TimerRabbit
All Madoka stuff since you are getting familiar with this.

If you were Kyubey, and you want to find the first three girls from any anime, video game, or... Somewhere... Maybe in Genshokyo, who would it be?

(And don't ask me, Timer has not made her wish yet!)
• Homuhomu, because I love Homuhomu.
AND what do you think which girl will first to become a witch? What she'll be look like? (For epic looks I guess. Think like that Incubator flash game? 8D)
• Probably Madoka. I hate Madoka, lmao. So whiny, reminds me of Mikan from Gakuen Alice and Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi. bleh. She would probably look like a frilly pink bath curtain.
make a wish.
Originally Posted by Cinner
What made you sign up for this event? (Did you even have a choice lol)
•I was bored, and I've seen questions that are really insteresting that I wanted to answer too! Of course I had a choice!
Originally Posted by Illusive
Would you extinguish the life of the one that you truly and deeply love for omnipotence?
•Yes, and then I would raise him/her back from the dead . Omnipotence is awesome. I can be God, and infinite knowledge sounds great too. ;D I WILL. KILL EVERYONE. BWAHAHA. ..or prolly just live life like a normal person.
Originally Posted by Mums
If you had one week left to live, what would you do during that week? (Except seeing Machinae Supremacy)
•I will see Ma-- WHAT. WHY NOT? I would eat everything I wanted to eat. I will do extreme sports like bungee jumping! and I will beat the crap out of all the people I hate. tch. Also, I will try to see as many bands as I can. :'D
Originally Posted by MintyVampire
Why should I trust you, Little NinjaDoughnut?
•I can make any wish of yours come true, nyan. :3 And I have doughnuts.
Originally Posted by Kotarou
Are all Incubator eyes red?
•Nope. There are also orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet eyes. Yes, we form the rainbow actually. Thousands of us are formed after a strong rain.
Originally Posted by Mirae
Do you use doughnuts instead of shuriken as a ninja?
•It's a pretty sharp doughnut if you ask me. this be lethal doughnut pls.

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