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S-zeta, so excited.
I picked up 4 out of 7 battles I just played in KR server and make them a vid for you guys.

S-zeta overall:
Have to say it's a great S with paper HP and DEF
Top grade weapon
W1---Fast speed, like rock
W2---very fast beam rifle. like BD2's
W3--High act missile! Can turn 180 degrees to get its enemy, and you can also use it as a straight fly missile

W1---High damaged capable, speed is fast. And it covers a medium distance.
W2--strange feeling about this cannon. May be due to it's under the plane, so when I fire it, I felt a little difficulty in hitting enemy.

Overall: It's a good MS with Hp and DEF OCed.
Without OC, it's too fragile.

New Battle Ship feature:
1.When you tag ur MS in battle ship, it's HP will slightly recover a little bit.
2.Press tab+5 to fire the battle ship main cannon. All enemy's screen will turn red for about 0.5 second. Then enemy in a medium area will take damage.

vid upload complete

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