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Here's my thoughts on the set:

- The helm and plate can work but need flawless re-opts (stam+luck) to make it with the dura.

- Cube down the clip to level 5 and re-opt to stam or luck. Enchant both to 10.

- Re-opt the gloves to level 7 accuracy (or not, since you're 19x anyway, and accuracy is mostly irrelevant by then) and enchant crit.

- Enchant speed on the boots. Cube the rope climbing if you're scrounging for dura.

- The +4 helm isn't worth much unless you want a single-opt piece.

- The first blades are gold. Cube to 5/5, re-opt till the two opts are min/max/acc, and super until min and max are level 10.

- The second blades probably aren't happening unless you ditch min altogether and do pure max.

Note, this is just what I would do with the set, and may not be the "best" choice depending on who you talk to. I don't like 1-5 puzzles myself, which is why I usually say, "cube to level 5."
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