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Originally Posted by Griever
So like, sound replacement question. Is there any way to edit shared music files for individual stages? (All CoC Myth stages CoC1-CoC6 share same music. Is it possible to edit the music for COC1, but not for COC2-6?
I saw this question only today, so if this is still unanswered: Yes, you can. For a detailed explanation on how itīs done, you should read my guide I wrote a year ago: Rem's Advanced Music Editing Guide - ijji Forums
It requires a little bit of cleanup, but I hope itīs still understandable.

The following is just a mini-guide, where I asume that you have read and understood the detailed guide from above.
First, in Lunia\Database\StageInfos.b you have to search for "D3Rd0X", where the X stands for a number between 1 and 6. Example: If you want to edit the music for Coc 01-10 then search for "D3Rd01". But do it with a Hex-editor. Using Notepad is near impossible for this. A little bit further down you should see something like this:
◄   B g m . M y t h _ E p i s o d e
Replace "M y t h _ E p i s o d e" with the name of your music. For example, if the name of your track is "CoC1" then change the line into "B g m . C o C 1", count the amount of letters (8), add +1 (makes 9), convert the decimal number into hexadecimal (makes 09) and overwrite the the ◄-symbol with the new one (09 in hexadecimal).
Now you have "almost" changed the music for Coc 01-10. Why almost? Because there are some events during the stage which will change the music back to the Myth-Episode.ogg track later, so thereīs more work.

Second, go into "Lunia\Display\Event" and open "E03Rd01.xml" with notepad. Press Ctrl+H, search for "Myth_Episode" and let Notepad auto-replace it with "CoC1". Now the music wonīt switch back to Myth_Episode but to your custom theme after you have beaten a boss and entered the next floor.

Last step is adding your own theme to the "Bgm.sbf" file in "Lunia\Sounds". Read the guide on how itīs done.

Yes, this is quite a lot of work, but if you have questions, feel free to ask them :P