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Default [MSoTW] [18/04 - 24/04] Crossbone X1 Gundam

XM-X1 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-1

Crossbone Gundam X-1 is a pretty advanced S rank rock. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it happens to be also the first S rank rock with a no-dash melee weapon that has no cool down as well. If you're a melee combo/MCA lover, this gundam is definitely worth your time to try out. Oh well, less talking and more information about the suit!

Melee Mode

Weapon 1: Beam Zanber

5 hits before knockdown. Able to chain up to 8 hits.

Nothing super special with this, just your classic melee. Works pretty well when players try to use turn slash. This can be used to chain combo with its other weapons.

Weapon 2: Brand Marker

5 hits before knockdown. No melee dash. Able to chain 10 hits.

One of Crossbone X-1's selling points, making it a tough melee fighter to outmelee. Since this weapon ensures no melee dash, it's possible for players to outmelee others when they're stuck in like a melee cancelling battle. But if the other guy has spec well, damn.

Weapon 3: Scissor Anchor

Combo attack. Boost Down. Knocks down if completed.

I like comboing this before using Brand Marker, because it gives them less chance to run away and Brand marker can keep them in-place. A tip for using this is switch to Brand Marker the instant Scissor Anchor hits, that way to stop the Knockdown effect and smack the opponent a couple times for fun.

Ranged Mode

Weapon 1: Zanbuster

Nothing special as well, it's just a beam rifle. If you have good aiming skills or opponent has low hp, pew pew away. Reload rate is ok, Medium with 8 shots of ammo.

Weapon 2: Zanbuster (Grenade Laucher)

Splash damage. Slow ailment

Somewhat an ok zook attack, I use this more as a finisher. An important thing to do is try to use it when you're closer to the opponent, because the reload rate of this thing will take quite a while, not to mention there's only 1 ammo.

Veteran Infighter
Defense against long-range weapons and stun weapons is increased. (Mega Particle Cannon, Sniper Rifle, etc.) Prevents knockdown once.

This skill is pretty awesome for Crossbone X-1, giving it paper defense. This skill gives more chances to melee snipers when the skill is active and you haven't been shot by another knockdown beam yet. Unfortunately, this skill only prevents Apsalus II's w2, other stun weapons like Legend's shot gun doesn't appear to be affected at all.

Space Pirate's Conviction
When the unit's HP falls below 50%, attack damage is maximized, defense increases, and boost recovery time decreases.

If you are capable of surviving a long time in this phase, Crossbone X-1's melee will hurt as hell and opponents will regret putting you there (unless they have spec set up just for you). The increased boost recovery can help in case you run out of boost. Increase of defense is, well, tankier lol.

Tips and Strategies

-Stay in Melee mode more than Ranged mode.
Most of the time, ranged mode is just used to harrass and annoy others, but the only good thing about ranged mode happens to be the ranged special attack. Most players tend to stay in Melee mode to chain alot of melee, then finish off by switching to Ranged mode and using ranged special attack. If you do like play in ranged mode, just remember you have very little defense against close range combat while you use Zanbuster.

Originally Posted by Uncharted
as a reminder, this suit is made mostly for fun and fans, it looks awesome, and its melee looks epic, but in large battles u wont be able to use it all along, also w2 on melee mode deals less damage than w1, so just use w2 once to connect again w1
-MCA and Turn slash
Saving boost is an important thing, so use MCA to conserve boost by using w1 to do so. This can also be used to avoid spec if possible. Turn slash is a given, if you don't like using w2 to try and outmelee others.

-Never turn your back on your enemy
When you get crit, even Space Pirate's Conviction won't save you

-Art of Fighting
Combo this skill part with Space Pirate's Conviction, dam that's got to hurt.

-Hexi's How to play a Rock tutorial
Super helpful for beginning rock players, be sure to check it out!

Custom/Over Custom Builds

C hp OC atk
C hp OC def < I went for this one
C atk OC atk

Got these builds from builds in olgame:

Finally, I have three videos, two that are examples of how Crossbone X-1 is played and one showing the bad things a player failed to do.

Good Gameplay:

Bad Gameplay (you can see alot):

Don't sticky this yet, I just submitted this early.
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