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Originally Posted by SereneSky
Aeriagames really have both positives and negatives. While Aeria does have really good player support seen in their investment in hosting GM player events for more player/company interaction like in SMT:Imagine, I don't like their model of game hosting that lacks commitment. It feels as though they're just purchasing the rights to a bunch of random games and testing out which ones that would last long. If it doesn't have enough playerbase=shut down service. Although it makes sense from a business standpoint in testing the market, it annoys players who are attached and invested greatly into games they host. Even writing this, it makes me wonder if they're doing it purposely to find a niche game like SMT and Dynasty Warriors... : o
Yeah, and if Aeria keeps this up, they'll end up like Acclaim did(Go out of business).

By the way, I just wished that GamesCampus should've got the rights to host Luna Online/Luna Plus instead of rPotato(the R stands for rotten by the way).T_T

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