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I support this change too. I always think that whatever is constructive and positive is also the best. Honestly, I'm sure 80% of negative reps left for members in general are chat, spam, harassment and the such. Most people even bypass the "you must leave a comment for -rep" rule by entering useless filler like "-" or "lol" or something completely stupid in the comment box. Clearly, the system requires you to say why you are giving that post a -rep so anything other than a valid reason would suggest to me the person has no real reason at all - they just want to troll and abuse the system. In the end, it's not a bad idea to encourage members to only leave reputation when it's for something positive. Thumbs up to Paul for implementing this change.

Originally Posted by Valese
The only changes that would've been better would be actually showing the names of the people who rep or derep you
I guess that would defeat the purpose of the system as being anonymous and encourage flaming or drama between members. Not showing the names is the same reason why we are asked to censor out names in screenshots when we post them.

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