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Yeah, I understand the fact that some companies charge too much for their cash items. But I can't say it means that they're a poor game "host", it's rather just a irrational "business practice" on their part since they're losing profit.

What they should be doing is setting price high during initial promotion, then start decreasing the price gradually as new products are pushed out and demand decreases. They should also make sure cashpoints are conveniently accessible to all players.

Anyways.. on topic:
1. gamengame
The main game host I hate is... gamengame. I understand that they're just a intermediate company that "showcases" games for prospective publishers who might buy it off them, but I just hate their lack of management. = =
Like Talesweaver.. botters are rampant in the server without fixes and there's a lack of general care toward player support too (just check out their facebook page). I really hope someone would buy the game off them and at least manage the amazing game adequately.

2. aeria games
Aeriagames really have both positives and negatives. While Aeria does have really good player support seen in their investment in hosting GM player events for more player/company interaction like in SMT:Imagine, I don't like their model of game hosting that lacks commitment. It feels as though they're just purchasing the rights to a bunch of random games and testing out which ones that would last long. If it doesn't have enough playerbase=shut down service. Although it makes sense from a business standpoint in testing the market, it annoys players who are attached and invested greatly into games they host. Even writing this, it makes me wonder if they're doing it purposely to find a niche game like SMT and Dynasty Warriors... : o

GOOD Game Hosts
1. IAH Games
They really left an impression on me when they opened up Dragonica Online. They were marketing the game quite well, contacting the different MMO media sites. Even now, seeing them hosting events in Asia, I can see that they really care about their game and also their player-community.

Of course, these are just opinions. ^^;;