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With today's pvp, Holy Orders are starting to becoming more popular. Almost all the pvpers on my buddy list are going crazy about them now.

With that being said, from a PvP perspective...

Overrated: Strider. With one being my current main, I can see a lot of people don't realize how difficult we have it nowadays. When you see one played well, they make it seem so easy. Well, it's not. Every other melee class hits harder than us, and Strider is the only 3rd job that didn't get its damage buffed from advancing. Anyone with over 20k+ can easily beat Striders, and 1v1ing an equally skilled/geared Saint/Dragoon/Holy Order/Engistar that knows what they're doing is usually hopeless. However with all that put aside, I still enjoy playing my Strider. I have to work a lot harder for my wins, but it's all the more gratifying.

Underrated: Elemental Master This class has SO much potential and I've seen VERY few people play one well. There's more to PvP than spamming evasion, and camping/ducking in your rune of meteors, you know. Sure it'll beat inexperienced crappy people, but that's about as far as it gets. I facepalm a bit inside when I see Wind EMs stand and spam skills because they think their evasion will keep them safe. Way to completely disregard your speed/mobility.

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