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Originally Posted by Catharsis
(+) Crappy hardware quality. Even the accessories break easily.
(-) To make up for the crappy products, they have excellent customer service support. My Mini broke down six months after I purchased it, and HP sent a messenger to pick up and deliver my machine to get it fixed. They also call me regularly to give updates.
VERDICT: Hell no. Customer service only saves the day while you're under warranty. After 1 year, all is lost.
I'd prolly have to agree >_>

I'm on my 2nd HP laptop now. As my first one aged, the DVD drive and the hinges on its screen kinda went. It was my first laptop and I sorta chalked that up to wear and maybe me not being careful enough with it.

The hardware on my second (a nice 17" desktop replacement) hasn't been holding up so great (It's 2 1/2 years old now). The touch-buttons have gotten flaky, and the color on the display falters a bit if the screen's not tilted to a 'sweet spot'. The DVD drive chooses not to work sometimes... >_> But I had spilled a bit of water on that.

In addition, my parents had a HP laptop... bought a couple months after I got this... and there was some hardware problems (supposedly somewhat inherent to the design) that basically caused the motherboard to melt... right after their warranty was up.

So I'm thinking I might try another brand come my next comp <_<