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Originally Posted by Nihil679
Ntreev was just bad. Cash prices were sky-high and gave horrible balance between the free and the cash. .
Honestly I feel that you are wrong with the cash prices,
CASH= Make the game easier
There shouldnt be ANY game that should "SpoonFeed" people in their games. You want something, work for it. Grand chase for example. The quests are hard so they make you work for it, or QQ how hard it is and grab your wallet and you can easily just purchase it. People can easily purchase it since
1. The card is in their area
2. money isn't not a problem
3. Parents don't care

1. Live far from any retail store selling.
2. Parents go apesh*t on them for asking.

They expect you to work hard on a game to achieve something you want.
Would you really buy ur way into a job? Hell no? You have to work for it, filling out an application, getting your resume in check, getting your personality, and appearance in line.
Please CASH prices should be the last thing on your mind about them.
Really thats what everyone complains about Ntreev, Cash. If you cant afford it, work for it "Suck that sht up and work son."

Audition had WAY to many Hackers for them to handle, if i were them id say, "if hackers can hack my cash shop for items, others will follow, let the game be handled by someone else"
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