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Originally Posted by Eternal
Starting at blue is a lot better imo.. Its just that a lot of Shacos learned a "fast route" from Regi's tutorial while having never learned the fast route for starting at blue.

Blue, Wolves, Red = lvl 3 = very fast and more sustained ganking. The ones who start at Red gank at lvl 3 anyway but sometimes have to carry a mp pot and wastes some time of Red buff ( since you get it at lvl 2).

Red is the fastest route. Shaco is all about early game and it doesn't matter if you get red first because you are not "wasting time" on red buff. Shaco is supposed to do level 2-3 ganks because his deceive is just so strong for ganks. Also, with Shaco, half of your jungling is counter jungling the other person which means boxing their jungle which means you need Blue for the CDR and Mana to box. So actually going the red route is faster and better overall.