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Originally Posted by Wendyfav3
lolz...this bring tears in my eyes seeing people comment on my thread....and so much hate and yet love by overpower, haters, hax, gangster, killers, busters, murderer...lolz...

but now let me say something that I'm just not sure if you guys are fully aware the 3rd DNA Revamp there will be balance thru out the game and some areas... such as guild, marriage, skills exesitera and other stuff....

they said skill balance which won't happen for a long while so maybe by then they will hopefully fix the issue with some skills that not working correctly and Overpower....way overpower... so I wonder how it will turn out by then when it comes... there is also new skills that is coming as well so we will also have to see about that to...

this is pretty funny....and yet...scary at the same time for me... I havent made my mind of which is more OP....still looking for more Opinion but so far the bunny is a win....WOOT HOOT me what you got @_@ !!!!!!!!
The update in the 3rd DNA didn't say it'd even out the classes.
The only way to do that would be to nerf every class, and i very much doubt SG will do that.

And they'd also have to nerf myshop, which wont happen cause that's their source of income. Peeps wanna be powerfull= buy lots of myshop.

Also the skills that dont work properly aren't really the ones that make classes OP, for example boutism cloud- the 2nd job sheep earth skill- that doesn't work properly and no one uses it because of that.
New skill wise, i heard only some classes are getting them- dunno if it was a rumour or not, but i heard something about no new sheep fire or earth skills and other stuff- but that's just speculation.

We can only wait and see what SG do, but i doubt it'll be anything amazing.
I mean look what they did to fiesta OTL
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