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Bunnies are OP because of Tetra Punch, Guard, and Dash (Dash - Mega Flash Cut - Tetra Punch with Guard on and all their buffs), but honestly, a single Tetra Punch assult can KO pretty much everyone in PvP...

Raccoons are OP because they can SURVIVE Tetra Punch, are mage killers, sense killers (fox using hide? No problem, I fart, she die!), power tanks, stunners, and they can kill you with a few semi-thin sheets of paper from a distance.

although my opinion is probably biased from my first time in PvP, and it seemed like the bunnies and the raccoons would never leave me alone to the point where I got so frustrated I wanted to create a character that would crush them all in PvP (and thus, my dragon was born).

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