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Originally Posted by Seim
well, shaco is a good early/mid character and can easily control the flow of the game. He's not a "carry" but he's one of those characters which can help your team gain map control as well as change how the game is played out.

Also, the fact that he can clear twin golems, big wraith , and red buff and over level mid for a minute starting out in jungle is pretty good to me. You can usually tell that shacos are bad if they start blue lol....
Starting at blue is a lot better imo.. Its just that a lot of Shacos learned a "fast route" from Regi's tutorial while having never learned the fast route for starting at blue.

Blue, Wolves, Red = lvl 3 = very fast and more sustained ganking. The ones who start at Red gank at lvl 3 anyway but sometimes have to carry a mp pot and wastes some time of Red buff ( since you get it at lvl 2).