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Note I never PvP'ed much in Trickster, and for good reason, seeing as my favourite chars were the worst classes for it. However, what I think:

1) Pure Bunnies. As stated by others, too much power. If you can OHKO anything, what more do you want? They don't even need hax equips to do silly high damage. Guard makes you briefly immune to all but mages and other pure bunnies, just to add to the haxness.
1.5) Hybrid power types are almost as good but don't get adrenaline and flaming fist
2)Hybrid light mages. SoH+heals = almost invulnerable, and they only need to stack MA and LK to be good, whereas as all other classes have to think about at least 3 stats (HP+aiming stat+attacking stat).
3)Pure Raccoons. Extremely strong AoE and ranged attacks as well as great HP and HV. Add to this factors like Mana Reflector and skunk pouch/FH/PC stun and you have a char that's extremely hard to take down. One thing is though, they need good equips to work properly.
4)Pure Foxes. Hide, mines, poisons and powerful ranged attacks mean a fox is lethal in the hands of a good player, and, from personal experience, an essential part of a GvG team. Without good equips it's hard to get the balance of power and survival, however.
5)Pure Dark Dragons. Fast, powerful single target magic attacks make them the only class that could take out a bunny before dying. Dark shield+dark commando is quite dangerous especially to mining foxes, but they are otherwise generally extremely fragile and especially vulnerable to gunners.
6)Pure Buffaloes. Very powerful AoE means they can potentially take out several enemies at once, but this is more important in PvE mostly, and Bunnies/hybrids easily out-damage them 1 on 1. Poor survivability is also an issue, as is the dependency on good elemental comps on equips.
7)Pure Light Dragons. Pretty much the same as hybrids, but with fewer attacks in exchange for a nice party heal. For PvP, hybrid is better.
8)Hybrid charms. Can combine the power of one pair+ lady luck with the survivability of sumo suit, but otherwise, not much. Galder throwing skills are useful to bypass SoH, but the light mage can just heal...
9)Pure Lions. They can take out dark mages so long as their LK is high enough and they are pretty good against HP charms, but otherwise they are just cannon fodder. Yes, shield breaker is hax, but it takes so long to cast and has a high rate of failure that any sensible person will just attack you straight away and watch you curl up on the floor.

Everything beyond here is pretty much novelty for PvP.

10)Hybrid sense. Mostly for lions, they can get aura of luck to go with lucky fist, but that's about it. Hybrid gunner foxes are purely for those ppl who like their fox to tote a gun.
11)Pure Cats. They get pretty much nothing from their pure 3rd skills and their 2nd job skills generally lack power and usability. Only really for those who love Evolution.
12)Pure Sheep. My favourite class in the game, masters of PvE but the bottom of the pile for PvP. They are silly fragile and 3rd job contributes absolutely nothing to their PvP ability. Hybrid dark mages suffer similar problems.

If you read all that, then you have my general impression of Trickster PvP. Of course, equips make a huge difference and someone with hax equips will beat anyone with mediocre equips regardless of class.

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