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Default Mabinogi Generation 1 Quest Walkthrough

Generation 1

Upon receiving the quest 'Find the Lost Earring' you may begin Generation 1. To find the lost earring, locate a snowman with 16 teeth, in the middle of Sidhe Sneachta.

Complete that quest, then go to NPC Tarlach, in the Northern Fields of Sidhe Sneachta. Tarlach is a bear from 6 AM to 6 PM. While he is a bear, give him 2 mana herbs. (Give 1 Mana Herb → Conversation → Give 1 Mana Herb …→ Keyword “Tarlach” is obtained)

Ask Duncan about the keyword 'Tarlach'. The keyword 'The Third Lost Warrior' will be obtained. Ask Lassar about this new keyword. She will suggest talking to Stewart in Dunbarton. Ask Stewart about this keyword and obtain Tarlach's Locket and a Red Wing of the Goddess, which instantly teleports one to Alby dungeon.

While in a 3 person party, drop Tarlach's Locket on the altar of Alby dungeon and complete the RP dungeon. Upon clearing the dungeon, you will receive the keyword 'Goddess Morrighan'.

Talk to Duncan using the keyword, and he will direct you to talk to Meven, the priest at the church in Tir Chonnail. Talk to Meven with the keyword and obtain the new keyword 'Night of Sidhe Sneachta' and the book The Goddess Who Turned to Stone. Talk to Tarlach using the new keyword and obtain the keyword 'The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog'.

Talk to Aeira (Dunbarton bookstore) using the new keyword. She will say the book is not in stock. Talk to her again with the keyword, and she will say that they are publishing another copy. Talk to Aeira again. She says she will send an owl when the book is ready. Speak to Aeira again. The owl will arrive again. Once the quest is received, talk to Aeira to receive the book The Land of Eternity, Tir Na Nog. Read the book and receive the keyword 'Paradise'. Talk to Tarlach with this new keyword and obtain Brown Fomor Pass and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Barri Dungeon Lobby.

It's recommended you bring 2 party members with you to this dungeon. Drop the Brown Fomor Pass on the altar at Barri Dungeon. This dungeon is relatively easy, the only monsters to really look out for are Flying Swords and the Giant Worm, and that's only if you've never experienced them before. Complete the dungeon and obtain the keyword 'Medal of Evil', and the Fomor Medal from the chest at the end of the dungeon.

Talk to Comgan in Bangor, Kristell in Dunbarton, and Endelyon in Tir Chonaill with the new keyword. Then, talk to Meven (inside Tir Chonaill church) about the new keyword. Obtain the keyword 'Priest's Token'.

Talk to Goro (Alby arena entrance) with the new keyword. He requests the player retrieve a lost ring from Ciar Basic dungeon. The player must enter the boss room and fight the boss alone. Also, the Ciar Basic pass must have belonged to the player who needs Goro's Ring. Return the ring to Goro, and receive the translation "Goddess, please lend me the moonlight.." Complete the quest, and receive the keyword 'Dul Brau Dairam Shanon'. Talk to Tarlach with the new keyword, and he will tell you Goro's translation is false, and gives you the true translation.

Talk to Goro with the keyword, and he will apologize, and mention a traitorous Succubus living in Dunbarton. Talk to Kristell using the keyword 'Dul Brau Dairam Shanon'. She will give you Tarlach's Glasses Pouch, and a Red Wing of the Goddess to teleport directly to Rabbie Dungeon.

Drop the glasses pouch on the altar of Rabbie dungeon, and proceed to clear the dungeon (the dungeon is Rabbie Normal, which some consider long). Defeat the succubus at the end to receive the keyword 'Kristell's Past'.

Talk to Kristell with the new keyword and receive the keyword 'Kristell's Message'. Talk to Tarlach with the keyword 'Kristell's Message'. He will want you to ask Kristell to translate the Book of Evil. Complete the quest by talking to Kristell.

After receiving Kristell's owl, talk to her again. Then, go talk to Tarlach. He wants you to retrieve something that he gave to Meven.

Meven will direct you to Lassar. Complete the quest, and receive the keyword 'Meven's Request'. Talk to Lassar with this keyword and give her a Holy Water of Lylimark. She will send an owl when she's ready (wait outside for the owl, you cannot receive it indoors). Once the owl delivers the message, retrieve the Black Rose from Lassar, then deliver it to Tarlach.

Tarlach requests that the rose be given to Kristell. Bring the Black Rose to Kristell, and complete the quest. You will obtain the translated volume of The Book of Revenge. Read the book, and receive the keyword 'Mores'. Talk to Duncan with this keyword, and obtain the new keyword 'Mores Gwydion'. Talk to Tarlach with this keyword, and obtain the new keyword 'Mores' Lost Property'.

Talk to Eavan in Dunbarton with the keyword 'Mores' Lost Property'. Talk to Kristell with the same keyword and receive A Half of a Torque and a Red Wing of the Goddess, which transports you instantly to Math Dungeon. Drop the torque on the Math Dungeon altar, and clear the dungeon. Receive the keyword 'Morrighan's Revenge'.

Talk to Kristell with this new keyword. Then, talk to Duncan with it. Duncan directs the player to Tarlach. Talk to Tarlach and receive The Book of Revenge. Lend the book to Duncan. He's under the impression that the book is a trilogy. Talk to Kristell. She will suggest you speak to Aeira. Complete the quest and receive an owl from Aeira.

Talk to Aeira and complete the quest to receive the 'Wizard's Note' keyword and the item, as well as Red Wing of the Goddess, which allows you to instantly teleport to Ciar Dungeon. Drop the Wizard's Note on the Ciar Dungeon altar, and clear the dungeon (it's a normal dungeon, and you may bring a party). Receive The Book of Revenge, Vol. II inside the reward chest (if you brought a party, make sure to check everyone's reward chests, it may not appear in your chest).

Ask Kristell to translate The Book of Revenge, Vol. II. An owl will notify you when the translation is completed. Talk to Kristell and obtain the translated volume. Show the translated book to Duncan, who will request the third volume. Talk to Aeira and complete the quest. Wait for her owl. Then, talk to her again and receive the quest to search for the last volume of the trilogy. Talk to Lassar. She believes Seumas of Gairech (the miner in the Dragon Ruins) has the third volume. Seumas asks for a favor in return for giving you the book. He wants you to deliver an item to his son.

Give Sion (Bangor, water mill) the present. Obtain The Book of Revenge, Vol. III, from Seumas. Talk to Kristell and ask for the translation of the third volume. Her owl will arrive soon. Talk to Kristell and receive the translated book. Read the translated text, and receive the keyword 'Glas Ghaibhleann'. Talk to Duncan with this keyword, and lend him the book. Obtain the keyword 'Destructive Glas Ghaibhleann' from Duncan. According to him, Bryce (from Bangor, at the bank) has an ancient text including accounts of the beast. Talk to Bryce with the keyword 'Destructive Glas Ghaibhleann'.

Obtain the new keyword 'Glas Ghaibhleann's Bone' and the book The Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann. Talk to Duncan with the new keyword. Talk to Tarlach and agree to find him some Magic Powder of Preservation. You'll receive a wing that warps you directly to Fiodh.

Drop any item onto the Fiodh dungeon altar (you're allowed to bring a party, if you'd like). The dungeon is the same as Fiodh, but with fewer mobs and about half the rooms. Anyway, when you clear the dungeon, take the powder from the reward chest and go back to Tarlach. Talk to him, complete the quest, and receive Tarlach's Preserved Broken Glasses and a wing to teleport you to Rabbie dungeon.

From there, you'll drop Tarlach's Preserved Broken Glasses on the Rabbie altar. If you bring a party, then you'll be RPing as Tarlach. If you solo, you'll be playing as Mari, since her skill is required to beat the boss at the end of the dungeon. The dungeon is 2 floors long and is similar to Albey Normal. The miniboss is 7 Ghost Armors. Once they are defeated, the Dark Lord will appear. The Dark Lord has 100% protection against melee and magic, so only Mari's attacks will cause any damage. Upon defeating him, you'll receive the boss key, which allows you to open the boss room door and end the RP. Complete the quest.

Then, go talk to Tarlach. Then, talk to Duncan. Complete the quest.

Talk to Duncan. You'll receive a Broken Torque and a wing to Math dungeon. Drop the Broken Torque on the Math dungeon altar. You can either do this dungeon solo or with 1 other player. If you solo, you'll play as Mores, if you go with a party you'll play as Shiela. Personal recommendation, just run this one solo. Shiela is incredibly weak, not worth the party. Meanwhile, Mores is ridiculously strong, especially for this dungeon. Anyway, clear the dungeon. Then talk to Duncan. Then, talk to Tarlach, and complete the quest.

Wait a minute or so, and a new keyword will appear (Goddess' Request) as well as the Pendant of the Goddess. Talk to Duncan to receive the How to Reach Tir Na Nog keyword. Talk to Kristell. You'll get a Black Fomor Pass and a wing to warp you to Barri dungeon. Complete the quest and a cutscene will occur shortly after.

Warp to Barri and drop the Black Fomor Pass on the dungeon altar. The spawns in this dungeon are the same as Barri normal, but it is only one floor with very few rooms. Clear the dungeon, and take the portal connecting Erinn and the Other World. Another World is basically just a parallel Tir Chonaill. Talk to Dougal, where Duncan would normally be. Then kill 1 zombie in the graveyard (windmill skill is recommended). Talk to Dougal again to complete the quest and receive a small green gem. Don't throw the gem away unless you've already planned ahead.

Drop the gem on the Albey Dungeon altar and clear the dungeon. You may bring a party if you like. Strike the Black Orb Pillar at the end of the dungeon 5 times to get a Black Orb. Be aware, only the person who gets the 5th strike on the pillar will fill their quest requirement. The orb is tradable, however.

Drop the Black Orb on Albey dungeon altar, and clear the dungeon. You can bring a party (and it's recommended to do so if you aren't confident). The dungeon has Light Gargoyles and Werewolves, with many rooms. It's 2 floors long. Defeat the boss (6 Ghost Armors), watch the cutscene, and leave the dungeon. Talk to Dougal, then talk to him again to receive a Pendant of the Goddess (Bind) and a wing to teleport you to Albey dungeon. Complete the quest.

Drop the Pendant of the Goddess (Bind) on the Albey dungeon altar. You may bring a party of up to 3 people. The dungeon has many rooms and is 5 floors long, with a miniboss at the end of each floor. The bosses in floor order from first floor to fifth floor are: 2x Hellhounds; 1x Lycanthrope; 1x Heavy Gargoyle; 6x Ghost Armor; Dark Lord and 2x Ghost Armor. This time around, the Dark Lord is not invulnerable to melee and magic, so feel free to use anything on him. After defeating the Dark Lord, a cutscene will play and the fight against Glas Ghaibhleann will start.

Glas Ghaibhleann summons Light Gargoyles, which drop firewood and Seal Scrolls upon death. Burn these Seal Scrolls in a campfire to temporarily gain 100% injury rate and near invincibility (by reducing damage taken to 1). Players need to inflict wounds to Glas Ghaibhleann because his HP recovery rate is very high. It's recommended to bring archers to fight Glas Ghaibhleann because of their high wound rate percentage, which essentially eliminates the need for Seal Scrolls.

After defeating Glas Ghaibhleann, Generation 1 is complete. The Knight of Light keyword, the 'who Saved the Goddess' title, and the 'Goddess' enchant are awarded. Complete the quest for your last fat chunk of experience, and prepare for the Generation 2 quests!

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