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I was pvping in lunia to check out this patch and here's what happened.

You get PVP ladder rank under your name.

You can glitch ladder with mules.

New PVP items that are unlocked with ladder points.

PVP title with victor symbols that gives you glow similar to lvl 90 glow.
The daily quest takes 2-3 months to complete even if you farmed all the victors.

Since I'ved pvped in old lunia, heres a general new changes to characters.

Dainn >>S can continue combo. (similar to sieg). Dainn acquired yuki's cold dragon -_-.
Tia AASS can change direction. (Now used for shifting -_-, You can miss an A by attacking out and back in and still hit your target)

Tia combos are incredibly easy now since most of their skills are cancellable and gives too much height. Along with AASS height, it gets out of control sometimes.

Tia airtrap can 1hko... WTF? Is this a mistake? Or is allm literally trolling?

Conclusion: Tia ->casual'ed.

No improvement in lime gameplay. Same old spaming lime.

Krieg got nerfed since no more endu frames. Their reverse is 20 secs or more.

Everything else is the same...

So yeah, pvp still not fun. more cheesy shit are being implemented along with half-assed characters.
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