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Originally Posted by buta
amg big wall of text.

I mostly like ranged chars, I suppose. Makes it easier to harass and safer in creep killing. I am messing around with tankier melee champs, though.
That's a lot of champions to look at. I can help narrow it down to a few that I really recommend.

If you're really looking for ranged characters with good harass, I'll just narrow it down to 3:

Caitlyn - Good harass and very capable farmer of minions. You REALLY REALLY need that farm. Does decently well in team encounters and effective in small group fights.
Cassiopeia - Poison does considerable amount of damage even if you do not get a twin fang off. But if you do, that's a lot of damage. Fairly tough with good CC ult in team encounters.
Urgot - The missiles autolock poisoned opposing champions. Swap ult is fantastic in both team fights and small group fights.

Experimenting with tankier melee champs? I suggest you keep going with your original leaning towards Irelia/Renekton.

Irelia - Dash/Equilibrium gives you good burst early if you build sheen. Her ult and Hiten replenishes your health fairly fast. Be careful in team fights due to her being more squishy than someone like Renekton.
Renekton - Terrific laning. Does considerably well against many opponents. Good tower diver and very tough.

Thanks Rin! <333