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Originally Posted by WingedSylphe
Actually, Ntreev/SG involves a lot Blood, Karan and Tut in random events, and gives them (and Odinea as well, albeit a little less) more importance than the other bosses.
IIRC, those three were in the Poppuri June event (alongside Odinea and Master Mong). For April Fool's Day, GM Phoenix showed Tut, Karan and Blood alonside Odinea and Tenter (sounds like Tenter was bored imo lol).
And well...
The infamous jTO's 7th Anniv loading Screen:

So, all in all, Ntreev/ SG loves (to torture) those three.

Although I'd like to notice that, for once, they put Karan AND La Vida in the same event. Wonder if there's actually an interaction between those two.

THAT would be awesome.
The thing is Karan is bound undersea so if there were an event it would HAVE to be in Ghost Blue.
They really need to still release either Hitch or actually correlate the Ebon Admiral to Skull I think.