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Originally Posted by Ashee
well the only thing that sucks about lee sin, is his enourmous energy consume
you cant even perm cast stuff with your passive beeing always used
tbh, his early solo laning is just great, as long as you can land skillshots its like
Q hit Q in E nuke W out/keep attacking with E cripple
That is why you don't spam your skills.

You time them to refresh your passives allowing you to spam your skills. 3 Basic skills with two per skill that leaves you with 6 refreshes of your passive, 50% Attack Speed and return 10 Energy each, for each refresh which is virtually having that passive 100% time of fights because his CD's are short.

Also that is why he can jungle ridiculously fast and staying above 75% HP the whole time.

I dont think that Lee Sin should be played as a laner at all just because excels at jungling.

-Very fast in Jungle.

-Can give Blue buff EXTREMELY early which puts your AP Carry in a great position both staying in lane and winning the lane.

- Crazy good ganks with Q getting to the person you are ganking and E, slowing them for a ridiculous amount

- EXTREMELY FAST BARON AND DRAGON. I cant emphasize this more. Lee Sin's Q just destroys Baron and Dragon 10% of the missing HP and 400 being max for monsters. His Q with wriggles is just ridiculous fast.

- Stealing Red, Blue, Dragons, Baron
This is also what makes him great, his stealing capabilities with smite is awesome. Q range is VERY LONG. Q into the objective, Smite the objective and safeguard out to either an enemy or a ward.

- Countering Dragon and Baron
Again, Q in Kick someone OUT to your team, W back to your team or a ward.

Lee Sin is an amazing champion and I plan to see how he is in competitive play with the new team that I am on, XXX.

He destroys early game but fails late game. That should not matter though because a Jungler sets the tone for the whole game especially with ganking, all you want to do is keep feeding your carries the kills. He might be useless late game but his utility is still awesome with his AOE 600 DMG R, 60% AOE Slow, 200 DMG Absorption shield.

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