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I still remember my epic win 2 weeks ago. I used an Akali here. We fought an enemy team entirely composed of ventrilo players while we had no communication. They pawned us for 45 mins then our Garen quit. We pushed them away from our base for 15 mins even tho they took baron twice. After like 15 more mins of defending mid, I realized bottom lane was untouched and unnoticed by champions. Our minions were pushing bottom lane hard and the enemy didnt seem to notice. We killed baron after we aced them.(i loled cuz they started trash talking even more) After that, we took down the inhibitor turret before they respawned. Then out of nowhere, the enemy started to push mid so hard we barely had time to react. Our entire team besides me went back to protect the nexus which was under heavy damage. My team told me to warp back to base but I stayed in the enemy base n started to kill the bottom inhibitor. With a large amount of ally minions at the bottom lane, I took down both nexus turrets while half our team died defending. Both nexus are under attack, our team can hold no longer however, I had the biggest amount of damage plus alot of minions, sooo... The enemy nexus has fallen while ours is barely standing. You can tell what happen after. Excuses excuses. It sounds unbelievable without screenies, but hey, im not asking for anyone to believe

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