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well idk if your gonna do normal games or ranked but ones in your list the are definatly good imo are:

Olaf:amazing jungler,can jungle easy w/o smite and has some AMAZING ganks, and overall very strong tanky-dps, BROLAFFFF- best skin name in game

kennen: he has a really good AoE game changing ult, and has amazing farmin+harrassing capabilities, and best of all, NO MANA!!! <3 (energy though)

Galio: amazing tank, off-tank and pure AP champ, has a awsome ult, and Riot games said that they noticed galio is really fked up so they gonna be doing constant changes to make him stong again, so he is gonna get buffed (they said that they are gonna increase the size of his ult for sure)

thats pretty much all the champs i sum-what know about/ like, i want irelia but idk anything about her XD

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