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Uncharted is a name known to allUncharted is a name known to allUncharted is a name known to allUncharted is a name known to allUncharted is a name known to allUncharted is a name known to all


ranged "carry" not the best choice in carries, pretty easy to use but doesnt shines much on teamfights, ashe is better


havent tested it but from what i saw its ult is pretty damn good and poison is just... well poison... hurts a lot


pretty good ult, specially on teamfights, it has an awesome shield who heals u if u take damage (a %), good passive (50% Mdef converted to AP), it has 2 skillshots and pretty decent damage, not the best tank, but definitelly awesome on teamfights, synergys pretty well with amumu, nunu, crank, etc (AOE ult)


most ppl go tank... idk garen doesnt shine very much, yes its a tank or a dps, and it has the most amazing starting dps with the epic twisting of doom, imo, dont buy it, there are better options


pretty good as an off tank, it can take some hits and make harras, its ult is pretty good for teamfights, it can disrupt enemy formation with one hit, also barrels hit AOE so u can make then all take damage


from what i've tested from irelia (only tested one build) it is pretty good, ult can get u the kill when they're going away, it has a dash attack and it can deal true damage, though i think the way to go is off tank, seen an irelia who carried whole team as an off tank

Jarvan IV

one of my mains, this character is awesome (tank DPS) it has a dash and a disable, it can slow them and throw them into air, ult is really good if u have good nuker on ur team or ppl that can go in the ult pretty easy
also good last hitter


not the best choice for supporting, it farms really well


awesome ult, bad thing is that ur a ninja, that means u can't do a full combo of ur skills, still the ult in teamfights is awesome. good in early game and in late game


depends on ur way(AP or AD), still u can make tons of damage, having 750 range with its W and dealing %of enemy health on damage. pretty fun to play, specially when u die and kill with body,

Lee Sin

-nothing to say, its pretty new and i haven't seen anybody to impress me with it


awesome, in teamfights the double snare and the multiple doubleshield can make the difference, not the best support if not more of an AP thingy, great on early game


ult is awesome, one of the 3 characters who have suppress, dont 1v1 him with a squishy or ull die for sure, it is pretty good at laning and last hitting, its AOE skills are pretty good on teamfights


pretty good on early game and if used correctly it can absorb a lot of damage with its ult on teamfights


awesome support killer(can heal up to 1k and deal 1.5k AP dmg as far as i've seen), despite it doesn't has ailments it can 1 combo kill u (human form, then couglar form)


not really much to say... a pubstomper for sure


the bro! its awesome, it can jungle and deal tons of damage while taking hits, one of my favorites off tanks(has lifesteal, immune to ailments [ult] and deals true damage)


really good, not my favorite but i know it can deal tons of damage, having a stun, and heatseekers it can deal a lot of damage, also ult is really usefull for either ganking or supporting a lane while X person is B


really good, it can take some hits while dealings tons of it, it has a stun, a dash (though its short, but it can be x2) and its Q who heals some life while dealing AOE and extreme damage, also its ult will make u very targetable and feared


the king of the tanks, it can even jungle and because he's a ninja he doesnt need to worry about mana, it can deal a lot of damage and taunt(dash taunt!) everybody, definitelly the best tank in teamfights and for ganking


havent played it with its recent changes, when i played it, it was.... qweqweqweqweqwerqweqweqweqwe


an awesome off tank, awesome at lane and with harassing abilities, it can snare and slow, and its ult will make ur enemy go FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU he healed his whole ****ing health


the most annoying slow ever, also usable on teamfights, its ult can make as if one enemy isnt there, it can jungle and it has awesome ganking capabilities, it can also split up their team to either save allies or for ganking purposes (a pilar on jungle is the most annoying thing, consider one of ur allies dead)


it can jungle and tank, also it can go off tank and deal a lot of damage, destroys towers pretty good and it has a stun


awesome last hitter, it has slow + shield and suppress it can pull out a lot of damage, the type that deals damage in barrages but constantly, not an ASP/AD build if not an ArP + Ad build

it actually depends on what ur looking for or what u already have and u want to try