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Originally Posted by mechmaster90
Nice guide, I was also thinking of that technique (which is not really a technique) when you're hiding behind a wall or something, and you manually right-hand shoot without showing yourself too much you know.
Quite useful depending on the MS.
Oh and for units that can hit more than their actual KD combo (like Crossbone), I've seen people using turn slash to avoid the KD on the last hit, and continue the combo (eg. 1-2-3 melee, TS, 1-2-3-4 KD, sometimes even adding a w2 shot in between).

Also, imo if you want to learn MCA (particularly air catching) and turn slash, you might want to increase mouse sensitivity. A lot. Default is 50% iirc, but I know a lot of people who use maximum sensitivity. Just some advice.
I use mouse sesitivity 11 and 700DPI for my g9x
I get very used to it.

Melee combo has certain risk.
If you combo take too much time, you will be the target. Or the other enemies have circles back to get you.

If you add shot in the combo, and ur enemy is a pro. U will be slashed back. Then you will be the guy being comboed : )

A lot of MS has very good combo ability(8 slashes). However, it comes with price to pay : )