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Default Questions about Fishing

So I started playing Lunia again, last time I played it only had 4 episodes, now 7? o-o nice, the thing is, this fishing thing. I've tried it a couple of times and all. But I don't know if Im doing it right.

I finallly managed to get the 8th degree Fishing Rod, For the next one I'm supossed to get 20 rainbow fishes. But, I've left the game fishing for like 3 hours and when I came back, no rainbow fishes were caught =(

I'm using high bait, the other thing is.. That bait is TOO expensive e_e considering Im "new" to this New Lunia.
What difference is there between baits?

Should I give up on fishing until later ? I was doing in sorely for quest purposes but I only have 100G coins left and I don't want to waste it all on baits