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Three years? It seems longer than that to me for some reason. ._.

1.) Well, pretty much for the last 3 years it was a series of ons and offs with the game, because I simply became bored from doing the same things over and over again, and seemingly not making much progress (thanks to my skill spreading like a nublet -_-;). It didn't help that I had other games I wanted to play at the time as well, but I always came back because of some of the guild mates I have in Ruairi - even though they're not as active as they used to be.

2.) What's there to miss? (Came during mid-Generation 3) Certainly not the open PvP between Elf- and Giant-affiliates. Troll-worthy stuff there.

3.) The community is as distant as people who walk by and not say a word to in real life. Then there's the cliques of high-levels versus the low-levels. No one openly invites any stranger to any runs, because it's a matter of level, skill, and handling of the physics in game with said skills. Sure, the community is definitely not as bad as NA Grand Chase's by far (or at least, for the Ruairi server), but it still could use some improvement on openness.

4.) Mabinogi still goes strong in regard to its style of play. This is no walk in the park until you level up quite a bit and allocate your AP accordingly. It requires skill, timing, and a bit of observation of monster habits in order to be among the best of PvE. And that's what I like about it most. No hack-'n'-slashy, no click-'n'-watch; just pure skill. Because someone could wear the best armor in the game and lose to Skeletons as opposed to someone with only cloth on with a good knowledge of how the physics work.

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