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"... Was that supposed to sound cool? Sorry but... You're still a d*ck,"

What the hell...?!

"I was about to thank you but decided not to in the end."

Fine...I'm a ****, but you're an invasive, pompous cow who judges people on their thoughts rather than what course of action they take upon them. I don't need some angel snob's flattery or help anyways...

The laughter itself from Anna wasn't what bothered him. He was more angry at how, even in her own predicament - dangling from her shoulder in Amon's jaws - to even find the time or state of mind to laugh at him. But that was just what he hated about the uncaring, rather souless wretches of the world - their state of mind, wanting to cause negative Chaos in the minds of those who wish negative Chaos were eradicated to begin with, just to make things interesting, and, by a sick degree, even humorous. To Finir, it was worse than any Prince of Hell's fury could even replicate.

And Maya still had the audacity to call him a 'd*ck'...

Thus, Finir was truly fed up with all of this. He was close to the breaking point with this group - desperately trying to find a reason not to suddenly abandon or, Tiamat forbid, turn against them for an unknowingly second time. Amon's atmosphere of hatred did not help in suppressing such traitorous thoughts...

Fueled by his own rage, however, the azure dragon managed to manipulate the snow and ice of the barrier around the volatile mana pressuring against him. Finir's arms trembled from such concentration, and he heavily strained his face while clinching down his teeth. The mass of mana itself was also shaking as his arms were, and bubbled in a few places of the sphere to further demonstrate its unstableness.

He looked to where Amon was, who hissed in the canopy in the trees, the shards of ice falling suddenly following. Finir cursed and immediately was about to push the ball away from him until he saw Anna bring the beast down from the canopies! The azure dragon roared in frustration and pushed iced mana ball somewhere to the side, where the explosion froze over nearly a dozen trees. Finir took the time to create another ice barrier, clearly tired from being harassed by such an unstable force.

"This is a second time," he said to himself. "If there's a third...I'm done with all of them. That's it. I'll make sure Tiamat is unbound myself..."

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