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Default A baa for help with sheep skills

Read the next three paragraphs as if you were a little girl freaking out about Trickster (like I am in real life, except for the girl part because I'm a beefy manly man >>).

I've never made a sheep before and I have a dragon that I want to make hybrid. But first I have to try out all the elements as a sheep because then if I don't I might pick horrible skills on accident! But if I do then I might make the sheep a main and I'll be stuck in a girl body forever! But that sounds so shallow and girls get free stuff!

So long story short I debated against myself on whether or not to make a sheep and then ten seconds later BOOM I have a bard. But did I do it wrong? D:

I got AR because it's the most powerful single target magical spell *despite it being only a first job skill which they will probably nerf in the nearby future* but I DID get it and I'm panicking because when I went to buy skill cards I saw the prerequisites and I freaked out because you see I picked wind because it seemed like a good choice albeit I was a light dragon with no RS yet and wind gets instant access to Wind Blade which is super cool BUT LISTEN I read all the other skills and they have a ton o' requirements like mana storm and ring and now I'm freaking out, man! I wasted all my TM points! I should've followed Shiki's guide! NOOOO

That's how it all went down. So did I do it wrong? Should I have stuck with a ring/storm build? Or is it better because I would've gotten Rush anyway or should've gotten rush anyway?

And also, I am also at a loss for what second element I should pick, if any. I mean, Earth seems like a viable choice because of Terra's huge range and I probably only made this character for hunting more Poppuri Boxes anyway. But Water seems pretty good too since, from my knowledge:

Drip Bomb (active)+Water Web(passive)=screws up target's DX,
Shard of Glacier and Icy Shackles = freezing! Woohoo!

But completely pure wind seems cool because of the apparent huge TM requirement for the element itself.

And I'm still rethinking killing this sheep because I gave her the 3 in sense and wind looks like an extremely accurate skill.

I must sound as annoying as right now so I'll just stop and send this.