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Originally Posted by Uncharted
runes? maybe build or build order
also remember builds are pretty relative, its not like u can carry with only 1 build, it depends on enemy team

regarding nocturne... i havent really encounter godly nocturne, but its the same as jarvan, first jarvans sucked really hard and so they do now(maybe not all of them), i dont think he's op but really annoying while playing in pubs, but not hard to counter if u know what to do, he's squishy and its not very good at teamfights, i mean, there are better assassins
I have to disagree. Jarvan has been good from the start. Sure people had to take time to find his ideal build but he has always been good. His Ult is very unique and can dramatically change games. Overall Jarvan was a very well made champion imo does very well at his job, is extremely Tanky and does some nice DPS.