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clione08 will become famous soon enough
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Well you could join mine^^ I would appreciate it The guild is active, and we do a lot of chat DD but sometimes, it's quiet, cause a lot of us, got the same time.. sleeping time and the other is.. that we are quite busy, doing works, some are quiet, whom I need to talk to.. I'm working on it, if I could only find someone who has nothing to do but Chaaaatt all day hehe LOL, i like chatting too. We support Guild events? not overpriced.. the guilds not that rich^^
the guild is ~MoriMori~, we lost 2 gvgs, 2 times from our allianced, or guild-friend(guild). Hehe, not that strong but, we are trying our best, the key to the guild is being loud, making noise? with such actions, we could be a family and even if you got away for so long, as long as we know you, I wont kick anybody.. i never liked it tho. Rock on~~

wish we could play together too