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mikecxz will become famous soon enough

abyss movement seems almost the same as saviors 3 bar to me, but stronger and a longer start up.

awesome a reason to actually use DS, i hope it can reflect fire bolts and other ranged things and not just arrows. also looks like that 2 hit DS combo may be able to be infi on a wall.

the dash looks useless. unless he gets a air dash in a future job i doubt ill even get it and just stick to super hoping with the ^z.

orchid is going to be a prime anti-camper skill. BM standing at the top of elven just fire bolt ottoing? just orchid and BAM and opportunity to get in. same with lires in outer wall and people who sit in the bottom left in elven.

new offence stance looks nice but seems to close ranged and grab prone.

whirlwind looks nice but is it possible to chain it into rude pressure, loss, or gran x?

can you move in amid? i hope so otherwise its only useful for skill dodging.

the new force looks useless. seems like a dumbed down fire force or something just a bit easier to chain it because it doesnt knock down.

bite off.... i didnt get to see enough of it. they only showed the start up of it and cut to break through.

break through seems like a more powerful rude pressure that may be chainable into forces since it seems like it knocks people into the air but i could be wrong.