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Originally Posted by Kaetzchen
Is there a a way to buy HK Gash card with pay safe card (psc)??? o: I only use this method in games because i can't do payPal ... q.q'
or how exactly do I buy them on Gamania GASH HK, Buy Gamania GASH HK, Cheap Gamania GASH HK, Gamania GASH HK. If I click add to card there stands -> please select a game card vale?? x.x
@offgamers u can't pay with paysafe cards.... just check the payment options
And "game card value" means just the "value" of the card u want to buy,... should it be 100, 200, 300 aso..... (just click it, you will see)

If i load mol points with eg... a Paysafe Card (cash card payment) and then buy Gash (HK) via (mol points -> Gash (HK) ), will i get some sort of ID number to fill in here?????

Else i don't know what to fill in.....
Furthermore, that's the only way i can "Upload" my Gash bought from to my actual Gash acc, right?
So it's useless, cause i don't have any ID number.....

EDIT: Ok, i got it..... i just typed in a random number xD
now i'm @the uploading pop up !!!

THX for this guide !!!

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