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Default [MSoTW] [14/03 - 20/03] Wing Gundam ZERO

Note: I will submit this ~ 10 hours early due to my having a full schedule tomorrow.

Wing Gundam Zero


Wing Gundam Zero is not quite fully a Scissor; it gives off far more of a Paper-type feel. The mobile suit itself is one of the heaviest-damaging of all A Rank Scissors, with a fine 4-Hit beam saber, Wing Vulcans, and the fabulous Twin Buster Rifle.


MS Mode

Beam Saber: 4-Hit Beam Saber. Not much to mention; as a Scissor the melee is not the best, but Wing Zero doesn’t really rely on melee.

Vulcans: Excellent harbingers of rapacious pain to Nu Gundam, FAZZ, all forms of Psycho Gundam, and just about anything else with an I-Field. The range is sort of limited, though that is only to be expected of Vulcans.

Twin Buster Rifle: It OHKOed several AC Era Colonies…while it is not all-powerful in SD; it is marvelous to fire and see Papers’ health bars go down in chunks. My own Wing Zero is OC-5, purely in Attack, so it can destroy most Papers under an S Rank in the three shots allotted, provided that I hit a few Criticals. In general, it is the flashlight of an S Rank at least. The AoE is okay. The most important part is, however, that it is both damaging and a long-range weapon. Therefore, it bypasses Veteran Sniper. Good-bye, Paper. The downside is that the reload only begins with all ammo exhausted. This is a huge drag.

Normal Mode Special (Melee):
Melee Special is always rather hard to land, but Wing Zero has a solid special and an epic spin. It smacks its targets with beams like 00-Raiser’s Trans-AM sword.

Neo-Bird Mode

Useless except for increasing speed to catch up with Rock-Type team members and for Beam-Special

Beam Rifle: Only 2 shots, and hardly much damage. 90% of your match would be spent in MS Mode.

Beam Special: Slow, average damage, regular beam special.


Defense Up:
Nothing remarkable; I observe no visible effects of it, though it is appreciated.

ZERO System:
Ah, but here is gold to be found! Once Zero System activates, Wing Zero's attack powers become somewhat ridiculous, and the radar is ever so helpful in approximating enemy locations, even those of DSHC or other invisible stalkers. It is good to keep it for as long as it is humanly possible.

Custom/Over Custom
Pure attack makes you sort of godly…

Game Play

It is ever so slightly on the sluggish side, so play like a semi-paper. Hide, poke out and blast the TBR. When the enemy is close enough, use the Vulcans for extra damage; otherwise, it is possible to spend large parts of a match shooting with TBR. Of course, as it is a scissor, it is advisable to move further in, and wreak havoc with a hailstorm of lead. Its R-Mode, however, is all but useless in combat. It is fine to use it as a way to get around quicker, and trapping the entirety of the other team in one fortuitous beam spec is rather gratifying.
In melee, Wing Gundam Zero does a reasonable 4-Hit combo. Again, it is not the fastest or the most agile mobile suit, and it is not the AR Beam Saber Type. Use TBR to inflict tremendous damage on Papers, move in and spam Vulcans, do the occasional melee. Otherwise, an amazing suit for damage, and a rather fun play.

There is a Gameplay video by KingofWeiners on the SDGO Wiki page linked on the title; after even OC-5, I have neglected to make a proper gaming video. Oh dear, I best get to it quick.
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