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Originally Posted by Mashiro
"Various Traits" hmmmm Can you give me some example? or Maybe a video of it?
I'm still not quite sure of what you mean....Skill note, Is it something that you can apply to the skill? increase the level of the skill? /kindaNewToElsword.
ok press this button on your inventory menu to bring up the skill note book (you need to do a quest before you have access to the skill book fyi)

you'll then get something that looks like this

and by "Various Traits" Sengakae means it can alter the effects of the skills the skill notes are intended for, like for example, the Skill Note for the Dark Mage's Mana Intake skill (witch you buy via the cash shop) will make the skill use no mana when used, or the Skill Note for Rena's Phoenix Strike witch makes it do 10% more damage and makes it burn enemies for an extra 10 seconds.

And since I'm such a nice guy here's a list of most of the Skill Notes in the game so far (not 100% sure if its up to date mind but it should give you an idea of what you can get and what to aim for)


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