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setsuko has a little shameless behaviour in the past
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man , tonight was sad

Xraisero0 (shoko ) team up with joiz9009 , starsonicx23

im with XephraZX and pokechar

shoko's team lost , she was angry and scold joiz and star , those two left and ZephraZX was pissed too ,he left
only me with pokechar remain there...

that made me so sad guys , what's so good blaming each other in a casual game like this i was so happy playing with you guys and my happiness was ruined just after one match of game

this is just a game so pls dont be so seriously angry .......

hope you guys see this post and make up with each other , let's play together again and dont be a child spilling out words like : i've lost a game and i am pissed off , dont do that

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