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Originally Posted by Dani
Please don't end up super cash based like gd NA GC. I don't want to slave over god knows how many dungeons to get a character with a low chance of survival. I also don't want the easy way out of just buying every character with cash...
Yes, I too felt guilty then spending cash on GC. But just to unlock a character you needed to run the same dungeons like 1000 times

Also the fashion was given stats so pvp was very unfair. But its scary when you cash stats, but someone uses gatcha fashion and can kill you in 1 hit

Originally Posted by Sephyrr
So. I'm wondering what'll happen the moment it goes live. Will the site get slammed? Will I have to wait another like two days in order to finally download the client? Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

=( Hopefully things go smoothly.
I double this. lol
I 'm kinda worried about the servers being overloaded because it's the first release of Elsword in NA and the player base is a little unexpected.

If this happens, I hope Kill3rCombo can pull through!