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Default Player Skill FAQ

MMOG Note: This guide was originally posted to GameFAQs. It was written by Katagai and is posted here by permission. I did not write this.

Shin Megami Tensei Online: IMAGINE

Player Skill FAQ

Version: 1.22

Created by: Katagai (katagai753)

See any errors? Feedback? Contact me at:

katagai753 (at) gmail (dot) com


This FAQ is intended for players who can't read nor write Japanese. In
this FAQ not only have I provided a translated name for the skills, but
the kanji/kana in case you just so happen to need it. This FAQ does NOT
cover devil skills. My reason for this is that I personally feel this FAQ is
cluttered enough and adding devil skills will only reduce usability.


8/19/07 - Started FAQ

9/14/07 - Finished Skill List

9/16/07 - Added ToC and rest of FAQ

9/22/07 - Fixed some minor errors (Estoma, Heaven's Gate)

9/29/07 - Reworded the description for Crescent Slash and added
a few new lines to the "Thanks" section.

10/4/07 - I've included a new section dealing with skill trees that don't
have an initial skill.

10/25/07 - List of changes:

- Added new information to "Deciding On A Type", "Skill Points",
"Recovering Used Points", and "Reselecting Skills" sections.

- Added "Chain Expert Skills" and "Enchanting" sections.

- Updated "Destruction Magic" section.

- Updated list of skills (Fusion is now a Chain Expert Skill)

- Added new "Chain Expert Skills" section.

- Added another person under "Thanks" section.

10/31/07 - Happy Halloween! Here are a list of changes:

- Added a large chunk of information to the "Enchanting" section.

- Updated the "Raising Skills" and "Chain Expert Skills" sections

- Updated the current price of Rete.

- Updated the "Fusion", "Devil Killing Fist", "Occultism" and
"Demoniac Knowledge" skill trees.

- Added another person under "Thanks" section.

0.0 Table of Contents

0.0 Table of Contents
0.1 How to use this FAQ
0.2 Skill System
- Deciding On A Type
- Skill Points
- Leveling Skills
- Acquiring New Skills
0.3 Recovering used points
0.4 Reselecting Skills
0.5 Raising Skills
0.6 Chain Expert Skills
0.7 Enchanting
- Enchanting Process
- Boosting Your Success Rate
- Converting Devils Into Crystals
- Soul Fusion

1.0 Physical Skills
1.1 Attack (ƒAƒ^ƒbƒN)
1.2 Spin (ƒXƒsƒ“)
1.3 Rush (ƒ‰ƒbƒVƒ…)
1.4 Shot (ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒg)
1.5 Rapid (ƒ‰ƒsƒbƒh)
1.6 Guard (ƒK[ƒh)
1.7 Counter (ƒJƒEƒ“ƒ^[)
1.8 Dodge (ƒ_ƒbƒW)

2.0 Magical Skills
2.1 Recovery magic (‰•œ–‚–@)
2.2 Destruction magic (”j‰–‚–@)
2.3 Support magic (Žx‰‡–‚–@)
2.4 Curse magic (Žf–‚–@)

3.0 Conversational Skills
3.1 Conversation (‘˜b)
3.2 Overpowering (ˆˆ)
3.3 Provocation (’”*)

4.0 Special Skills
4.1 Summoning (Š)
4.2 Combine (‡‘)
4.3 Demoniac Knowledge (ˆ–‚Šw)
4.4 Weapon Knowledge (•Š’mŽ)
4.5 Existing Technology (‘‹Zp)
4.6 Psychology (S—Šw)
4.7 Medicine (ˆŠw)
4.8 Trading ()
4.9 Leadership (’‰Šw)
4.10 Occultism (_”Šw)
4.11 Mineralogy (z•Šw)
4.12 Biology (•Šw)
4.13 Botany (A•Šw)
4.14 Mechanical Engineering (‹@ŠBHŠw)
4.15 Computer Science (•HŠw)
4.16 Cutlery (n•)
4.17 Design (ƒfƒTƒCƒ“)
4.18 Molding (‘Œ`)
4.19 Construction (H)
4.20 Firearms Knowledge (‰Š’mŽ)
4.21 Small Arms Knowledge (eŠ’mŽ)
4.22 Chain Attack (˜AŒ‚)
4.23 Magic Control (‘€–‚)
4.24 Blessing (j•Ÿ)

5.0 Chain Expert Skills
5.1 Fusion (—Z‡)
5.2 Devil Killing Fist (–‚•Œ)

6.0 Thanks

7.0 Legal

0.1 How to use this FAQ

Using the kanji/kana I've provided in parentheses, locate
whichever skill "tree" you are looking for. You can access the Expert
Skill window by pressing the H key. Alternatively, you can access the
list by pressing the PC button on the toolbar and accessing the tab
labeled Expert (ƒGƒLƒXƒp[ƒg).

0.2 Skill System

- Deciding On A Type -

While you're given most of the basic skills to use, in order to
further strengthen your character, you must choose the appropriate skills
for your playing type. While there are no particular "jobs" or "classes" in
IMAGINE, the first NPC you meet, Snakeman, does provide a description for
three types: Fighter, Gunner, and Magician. While you are NOT limited
to being just one of the three types, it's recommended that you try each
type first, then decide on one, as each type has it's pros and cons. Also,
choosing to be a hybrid between two types will really limit what skills you
can learn due to the fact that how many skill points you can spend are

*** As of 10/25/07, it is now possible to enchant equipment. CAVE has
encouraged users to create a new market using the Enchanting system. You
now have crafting as a possible playing type.

See the Chain Expert Skill section for more information.

- Skill Points -

Before I explain to you how to level up a skill, I'll start with
explaining how skill points work. At first you are limited to 10000
points. While it may seem like a lot, it isn't. Skills level up in two
ways: Rank and Class. A single Rank is made up of 100 skill points while a
Class is made up of 10 Ranks or 1000 skill points. Most of the skill "trees"
out max at Class 5. That means you're limited to maxing out two skill trees.
However, every 10 player levels, your point limit will increase by 1000.

Plan ahead before leveling skills. Getting skill points is very costly.

*** As of 10/25/07, Chain Expert Skills have been implemented. These skills
do not count towards your Skill Point total, however they depend heavily on
the Class and Rank of their prequisite skills.

See the Chain Expert Skill section for more information.

- Leveling Skills -

In order to begin leveling up skills, access the Expert Skills tab and
locate the skill you wish to level up. You'll notice a minus (-) sign
button. Clicking it will turn it into a red arrow. Clicking it again
returns it to a minus sign. This is how to allow a skill to earn experience.
When the skill is set to the red arrow, using the skill will earn it
experience. When it is set to the minus sign, it will earn nothing.

- Acquiring New Skills -

Once your skill tree as reached a certain Class/Rank, you'll notice a
red exclamation point (!). This means you can now learn a new skill.
Select your skill tree from the list and press the button that begins with
the word Skill (ƒXƒLƒ‹) at the bottom. This will present to you a history of
your skill tree. Locate the red exclamation point and hover over the skill
icon shown to learn it's name. Clicking it will present you with another
window asking whether you wish to learn it or not. The first option is "Yes",
the second is obviously "No". In some cases, you will be limited to choosing
only one out of two skills.

0.3 Recovering Used Points

There are only two ways to recover used skill points: restarting your
character or purchasing skill resetting items. If you've spent weeks working
on a character only to mess up your skills, you'll not want to restart. That
leaves you with the only other alternative: purchasing Rete. Rete are CP
items that let you reset a portion of your skill points and comes in
two sizes. Rete Flasks (ƒŒƒe‚̐…) reset a single Rank while
Rete Bottles (ƒŒƒe‚ƒ{ƒgƒ‹) reset a single Class. Unless you purchase CP with
real money, finding these items being sold for in-game money may be difficult.

As of 10/31/07:
- Rete Flasks go for roughly 25,000 Macca.
- Rete Bottles go for roughly 200,000 Macca.

*** Prices have actually dropped due to CAVE encouraging users to purchase CP
items. I'm not sure how long this will last though.

0.4 Reselecting Skills

In some cases you can only choose between one skill out of two. If you ever
feel you chose the wrong skill, you can always switch skills by acquiring a
Cup of Sky (‹•‹‚”t).

*** Since CAVE removed the quest that rewarded you with these, they are
NO LONGER common.

As of 10/25/07:
- Cups of Sky typically go for 10,000 - 30,000 Macca each.

0.5 Raising Skills

In some cases you may not start off with a skill to use to gain experience
for your skill tree. Below is list of ways to increase those skills.

Recovery Magic - Purchase and use recovery items.

Support Magic - Purchase and use support spell stones (they will be

Curse Magic - Purchase and use curse spell stones (they will be

Summoning - Repeatedly summon devils (a level 1 Will O' Wisp is

Demoniac Knowledge - Fuse devils and bribe devils with Maseki and Hougyoku/
Enchant items and place devil souls into gemstones.

Weapon Knowledge - Use the Class 1 skills in the Rush and Spin skill trees/
Enchant items and place devil souls into gemstones.

Existing Technology - Use the Class 1 skills in the Guard and Counter skill

Medicine - Use healing items.

Occultism - Enchant items and place devil souls into gemstones.

Mineralogy - Enchant items and place devil souls into gemstones.

0.6 Chain Expert Skills

Chain Expert Skills are part of the new Chain Expert system implemented on
10/25/07. Chain Expert Skills need to be unlocked by raising prequisite
skills to the correct Class/Rank. As of 10/25, only two Chain Expert Skills
are implemented. For details on these two new skills, check the Chain
Expert Skills section below.

- Acquiring Chain Expert Skills -

A new NPC named Saint Germain has been added in Shinjuku Babel. You can
locate him on the second floor right behind the large TV tower in the center
of town. He has two quests available that unlock the new Chain Expert Skills.

*** Warning: Upon completing the quests, you will automatically have 1000
skill points invested into one of the prerequisite skills that will unlock
the Chain Expert Skill you want.

0.7 Enchanting

The Enchanting system was implemented on 10/25/07. Using the new skills
provided in the Fusion skill tree, you can now enchant items with bonus stats
and properties. In order to unlock Fusion, you must get Occultism to Class 1.
From here you can check the status of your new skill on the Chain Expert
skill page which is accessible from the PC (Player Character) window. This
page will display your Chain Expert Skill's status and will also display the
status of it's prerequisite skills. Selecting your skill from the list and
pressing the button that begins with ƒXƒLƒ‹ will present you with a window
similar to the one from the regular Expert Skill page.

Once you've reached Occultism Class 1, you'll notice you are now at
Fusion 0-4. If you look, you'll notice you have a new skill available:

Magical Equipment Technique (–‚‘•p)

When you use this skill, you'll be presented with a brand new window. In
order to enchant items, you'll first need a magic crystal. You can purchase
basic and advanced ones from Saint Germain after completing his quest. Once
you have some, you'll be ready to enchant an item.

- Enchanting Process -

Enchanting items is relatively easy. When the window appears, first
double-click the magic crystal you wish to use. Next double-click the item
you wish to enchant. You'll now notice that a number percentage has
appeared. This is your SUCCESS RATE. Since you've recently acquired the
ability to enchant items, it'll obviously be really low. Once you've visually
confirmed the magic crystal and item you wish to use, hit the large, purple
button. The window will close and you'll perform an animation with a sound
effect similar to Mudo.

If you succeeded, you'll see a blue message in your chat window, red means
you failed. When you fail, you will NOT lose crystal WITH THIS SKILL.

I repeat, you won't lose your crystal if you fail using THIS SKILL. If you
fail, your item will only lose 5 durability.

*** NOTE: You can check the detailed status of an item by right-clicking it
from your inventory. You'll notice that most items have two "slots" that can
each hold a crystal. Magical Equipment Technique is limited to slot one. Slot
two is reserved for Soul Fusion. Slot two is obviously meant for more advanced
properties. Check the "Soul Fusion" section below for more information.

- Boosting Your Success Rate -

You can boost your success rate a number of ways. The easiest way is by
adding stat points to INT and LUK.

- Every 10 points in INT = 1%
- Every 5 points in LUK = 1%

The next way is by using devils with specific traits. I don't know much
about this yet and it isn't confirmed, so I'll move onto the next method.

During a FULLMOON, you will get a slight increase in success. You'll get
roughly a 3-4% bonus during a fullmoon. Just remember that it only comes
once every 3 hours or so and only lasts 12 minutes.

- Converting Devils Into Crystals -

Once your Fusion skill reaches Class 1, you'll be given another skill:

Crystal Conversion (–‚•‰)

This skill allows you to place the souls of devils into gemstones, creating
a special magic crystal in the process. In order to use this skill your
devil's loyalty must be high enough. To check your devil's loyalty, look
directly above their name. You'll see your name followed by kanji. The kanji
is your devil's loyalty.

Rank 8 - QŽ‚‘_‚
Rank 7 - Œ„‚‰M‚
Rank 6 - Žg–‚‚‚
Rank 5 - Œ_–‚‚
Rank 4 - ’‡‚—‚
Rank 3 - M—Š‚‚
Rank 2 - S‚’‚‚‚
Rank 1 - J‚Œ‹‚‚‚

When your devil reaches rank 2 or 1, it'll then be possible to turn it into
a magic crystal provided you have the correct gemstone. Succeeding will
create a unique magic crystal with two properties, failure will result in
your devil's rank lowering by one and your gemstone disappearing.

*** The two properties are for each slot of an item. Property one is for slot
one, while property two is obviously for slot two. Another thing to remember
is that most devil crystals' second property are limited to specific item
types. For example, Jack Frost's second property is to bestow the player with
the skill "Frost Punch". This ability is limited to the second slot of

- Soul Fusion -

Once you reach Class 2, you'll notice you now have another skill:

Soul Fusion Technique (‡p)

Soul Fusion involves using advanced magic crystals and devil crystals
in the second slot of your item. Basic enchanting only deals with the first
slot, which usually is limited to stat bonuses. The second slot however is a
used for many special abilities, from bestowing you special skills like Jack
Frost's Frost Punch, making your weapon elemental, nullifying charm status to
changing items into new ones such as enchanting a Longinus with Cu Chulainn's
crystal to turn it into Gae Bolg. Obviously the better the benefits, the
higher the stakes. This time around, failure will result in your crystal

Unfortunately I haven't gotten this far, so I can't explain it in detail.
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