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Level: 60
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RP: From the Cradle to the Grave

Name: Cthuune; prefers to be called Rune
Age: ?? (goddamn old)
Gender: Male
Race: Cthulhi
Occupation: Artillery Captain, Swiss army
Height: 5'11" (humanoid form), 9'5" (true form)
Weight: Well over 500 lbs.
Eyes: Amber, with light-blue sunburst (humanoid form), green-brown (true form)
Hair: Mid-short brown hair, brushed back away from the face (humanoid form), No hair (true form)

Notes: A renowned marksman in the Swiss army.

Appearance: A slim, tall man with a toned body and hair brushed back away from his face. His true form is that of a large Cthulhu-looking monster, a form which he almost never shows.

He wears the Swiss Artillery Captain uniform jacket, though he refuses to wear the hat because it "feels weird" and he won't wear the uniform pants because they "look gay". So instead, he wears fitted gray pants with suspenders, which he lets hang down on his legs instead of pulling them up over his shoulders. He wears black boots.

Picture of the jacket:

Personality/Character: A relaxed, fun loving individual. He tends to always find himself looking for something "fun" to do, which would get him in trouble with his superiors if they didn't all think very highly of his talent. His sense of humor is dark, sarcastic, a little sick, and sometimes corny. Regardless of his personality, he really does take his job seriously.

History: While on his stint as a traveling merchant, Rune found himself in Switzerland. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, he took his time there to learn to craft watches from the old masters. He then joined the Swiss army because "it was something to do". He found himself quickly rising in the ranks because of his enjoyable personality, as well as his talent.

Getting bored of being in Switzerland, Rune took the first opportunity he could to leave. Sure enough, he was stationed as a sort of... Swiss "ambassador" to Toronto. When he's not on official "business", he's probably at the bar.

Special Abilities and Magic: Ability to transform. Unable to die of old age or sickness, the only way Rune can truly die is if a mortal wound is inflicted on him. Rune also has telepathy (described in the Cthulhu Mythos as "psychic emanations"). He has incredible physical strength. He is a renowned marksman in the Swiss army. He is actually capable of high-tier magic, though in this day and age using magic is something that can really alienate someone, so he saves it for emergencies. Besides, if he uses it once, people might ask him to use it again and again, and that's sure a hassle.

Equipment: He carries two guns in the bag strapped to his back: a SMLE No1 Mk III* (HT) for sniping, and a Beretta Model 1918 with a bayonette for general combat. If you ask him where he got these guns, he'll reply, "the SMLE I've had a long time... The Beretta I got from a sleazy Italian."

Besides the guns, he carries the standard issue Swiss army knife; and a rapier, which he crafted himself, strapped to his left waist.