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Originally Posted by Merabelle
I love Teemo as well! Isnt he just so amazing?
Plus I love watching him walk around with his cute little backpack on.. +_+
Ive been failing pretty hardcore with him lately, Im not going to lie but thats only because I get in peoples faces too much. I should try being more careful.... :<

I'm kinda new too, In-game name's Spiritkiwi. Add me if youd like~
do you build him as an ap hero or a speed/atk crits hero? Cuz personally, depending on the opponent team of course, ap teemo is awesome <3 especially if there are a lot of low hp characters

Originally Posted by Mirei
I like playing ezreal, kennen and corki. God loves me when I actually try to fit what the team needs which is usually tanks and my team does no damage or aims for the tanks... My IGN is DestN if you wanna play ._.
I know what you mean! I used to play shen, and if I say so myself, I was a meaaaaaan shen. And then I had 3 consecutive games, where the damage dealers, stunners and whatnots simply stood there when I initiated =/ woe is me x.x hahahah thus why I NEVER play tanks ever again~ except for Rammus. He's so funny since he's practically unkillable at mid game to late game. =D

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