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Default [MSoTW] [07/03 - 13/03] Kämpfer

A classic favorite for rock players, often praised for its simplicity of use. First, the in-depth into the weapons:

Beam Saber
A simple 5 hit beam saber. Nothing too spectacular.

This is one of the draws in Kampfer. The shotgun is highly-damaging even from the furthest range it can hit, and having the "splash" explosion means that it can easily hit opponents. Reload is also excellent, making it a good ranged option for Kampfer.

Chain mines
The second draw in Kampfer, and the most damaging of its arsenal. Easily chainable (Pun not intended.) from or to the melee. For a secondary melee attack, the reload is excellent as well. Be noted though, you practically have to be next to the opponent to hit with the chainmines, but thanks to that, it also makes a good melee starter.

Speed up
Nothing notable about this. Personally, I don't really feel from this buff.

Assault Command
Boosts the Kampfer's already strong damage even stronger. Enjoy the longer boost and the power to bang up things pretty hard!

*Stats are based on the C4 Kampfer gained from the Expert mission.
- 4 Speed rest attack
Pretty standard for b-rocks. The attack buffs the weapons really, really well

- 6 Speed rest attack
Trade in 2 OC points of attack into speed, and you'll max the speed. Either way, its still good.

- DO NOT alert opponents with shotgun
If you find someone wandering without his team, do not waste the advantage and rush up to him and use chainmines instead. See them flying into a world of hurt.

- Manual aim the shotgun!
tbh the shotgun is rendered useless autoaimed. Manual aim the opponent, because the splash can sometimes hit enemies around corners. And the wonder is you still do the full damage.

- Be careful when starting melee with chainmines
I fall into this trap many, many times due to my tendency to start a melee with w3. Be careful when you start with chainmines, because you cannot cancel the animation and you have to wait until the chains are done for. The most obvious danger is spec. Only start with chainmines when you're confident the enemy will not spec.

- Art of Fighting
The skill part does give the mini-crits to chainmines as well. See the damage soar sky high.


P.S. No vid this time because I can't find good ones. Or I'm really lazy.
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