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Originally Posted by Lunar
Endurance frames no longer exist in pvp. I was actually able to hit Seraphic out of his dodge, which almost made me mess up my launcher from how surprised I was.

All in all, it seems that ALLM is taking steps to make sure PvP requires some sort of skill again, but it won't be the type of elongated Balance matches we all grew used to. However, it is better now that damage is becoming stabilized.

incorrect.. u can still endurance frame on endurance frame buffs
gay dark eir

tia still OP as ****.. one combo kill me

pretty sure teleport no cancel in pvp is a nerf..
ryans can't dash AS and the counter to that was teleport dragon. too OP when he can't dash AS i guess.. so they removed both
now i got my 5sec teleport that has no uses.. and half my combos cannot be done
So you mean you can use Bloody Contract + use a skill that would normally have Endu frames and it'll glitch, even if the endu frame doesn't exist in pvp? That's lame =[

If you mean Dark Eir still has endu frames though, then w/e. Never liked pvp'ing them anyway.

And yeah Yuki nerf is retarded.
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