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Originally Posted by d4rka2n
Last time I saw him, He was running from me 24/7, Too pro to handle that he resorted to abusing Twirling just for first hit and whenever I was a life ahead of him, he goes spamming every endure skill possible. I'd like to see how allm fixes this tbh. ( removal of endure skills is a must! ) And probably some damage reduction ( Too much gear usage...I've seen some of the scrubs think they so nice just by having RODIV or 1k + on all stats ). But too bad if the game doesn't fix, I'll probably move to dragon nest.

Btw FMS, I haven't seen u use other skill builds other than usual lv 9 SS + CMS or FF w.e. ._.
Figured since this thread was still alive, I'd respond to this.

I signed on yesterday morning after the update (or whenever the flip it was) and PvP'd SeraphicSymphony for a bit to test out the new PvP changes.

- We actually have the STR caps in place now, which is cool. 500, 1000, or unlimited. We were playing with the 500 STR cap, and my melee hits were hitting for 200 normal, 300 crits on the ground. My Iron Hammer and D.Fist seem to cap out at 4k crits, which makes it about 45% of someone's HP (seems the VIT coefficients were changed too. I have 13.5k HP in Balance with 500 VIT, as opposed to the 12k I had pre-patch with 1k). Seems these damage changes make pvp on-par with free mode back in the day.

- You have the option to turn off the 3 second invincibility buff after resurrecting, which totally landed me into some ninja moon-binds but it was lolz-y

- There's a combo cap now, although it's set pretty high. It took me about 25 seconds of pure comboing before I hit the cap, in which I then tried to land my next hit on Seraphic and he dropped after making that "unable to be flinched or launched or anything" animation. Best way to describe it is when you try to hit someone in the campfire post-stage. I didn't look at the exact number of hits before I hit it. At any rate, this seems good for all those people who liked to annoy the crap out of you by infinite-ing you all over the place, and now encourages more mix-ups.

- Endurance frames no longer exist in pvp. I was actually able to hit Seraphic out of his dodge, which almost made me mess up my launcher from how surprised I was.

All in all, it seems that ALLM is taking steps to make sure PvP requires some sort of skill again, but it won't be the type of elongated Balance matches we all grew used to. However, it is better now that damage is becoming stabilized.

Still won't bother to play full-time, though.

Edit: Forgot to mention that we now have "PvP ladder matches". Haven't had a chance to really mess around with it, though. Also we have ranks, and I'm currently rank 7 >_>
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