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@Yume I feel your pain.. School is killing me too. I barely have time to breathe

@Andz Forsaken World - The Ultimate Free to Play MMORPG It's quite fun ;o Nice graphics, pets, awesome pvp system, elite mobs for shard drop (shard can be exchanged for gear) world bosses.. regular instances but also 'game' instances were you have to play little games to 'win'. Ingame trade system for trading ingame moneh for myfail currency. Different races & classes. For example human priest isn't the same as elf priest due to 2 race specific skills & due to talents (available at level 20) which are skills.. Like you have your main skills that once in a few levels you can get, just with ingame money. Then the talents you get a point at each level and you have three separate talent trees, for skills further on you need to have points in the tree. So it's wiser to just go with one tree as main and maybe a couple of points in one of the other trees. Anyway, just look at their website and google something Just remember the talent calculator isn't right about the descriptions on their site. They give the human priest descriptions for example, but not the elf priest ones. But yeah searching on the forums will show you the differences. I have no idea how it's with other classes/chars due to not playing them eh.

Thank you so much k0n <3