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@Yumi: Jarvan's ult is pretty damn strong, but it's balanced because of the presence of Flash. If squishy champions had no way to escape it, it would 1) Make those champions that CAN escape it REALLY good and 2) Make those champions that CAN'T escape it REALLY bad, which will cause a whole bunch of balancing problems. Having Flash in the game allows spells like Anivia's Wall and Blitzcrank's Grab to be slightly OP yet still "tolerable."

Originally Posted by Ashee
baiting people and be like : whoops i flashed right away, hf with my teammates sure sounds like a bad situation never happend
Would you be baiting if your Flash wasn't up, or if you didn't have it? Baiting is just a strategy, Flash is one way to execute it.

Originally Posted by Minuss
please explain your point then because i am 99.99% sure I know what your point is and your point is totally flawed.

and you said flash cd should be 9 minutes ?_?
Hyperbole bro.