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Originally Posted by Yumidesu
Minuss doesn't get my point, so I won't bother anymore.

Yeah, it's not the most satisfying thing when people Flash away from you and it costs you a kill or something you clearly would have had if they didn't have Flash.

In that example you mentioned, no other spell would save you, unless it's Flash.

Ignite would just do a bit of damage, and you're unlikely to kill a tanky Jarvan as a squishy AP carry. Exhaust would mitigate a lot of his damage, but he could still CC you using any slows he has (Mallet or Lizard) and use his own slow or knockup. Ghost might get you out of that bad situation if you were able to survive the initial 3.5~4 seconds of burst from Jarvan. Depends. Flash, however, instantly teleports you out of that area and out of that bad situation.

It's the own player's fault (in this case, the AP carry's) for being bad at positioning and letting their Jarvan get close enough to ult you, since his ult's range isn't all that large. Flash lets that mistake act like it never happened, since you can easily Flash out of it.

But, Xpec does have a point. Flash isn't nowhere as bad as it used to be. Since the CD has been nerfed to like, 1.5m~2m more than what it used to be, and it not popping projectiles anymore.
please explain your point then because i am 99.99% sure I know what your point is and your point is totally flawed.

and you said flash cd should be 9 minutes ?_?

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