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Default A Personal Plea for Help From NoeJeko

Hello ggFTW members,

I know you guys hate reading and this could get long. Please bear with me through it I hope it will be worth the read.

I come to you this morning saddened. I come to you this morning disappointed. I come to you this morning a bit enraged. But above all, I come to you this morning in humility asking for your help.

Two years and nine months ago, a small forum broke out of what was then the largest Trickster fansite on the net. That small forum would eventually grow to become the ggFTW that you see before you today. We've made a lot of changes, made a lot of improvements, and candidly made some mistakes along the way. I hope that you feel that all in all, we've done things the right way.

We set out with a mission. We set out "to be the best MMORPG community on the Internet." Being the best means making a lot of sacrifices, and one has hit very close to home tonight.

About two hours ago, I was told by one of our advertising partners that we don't make any money because we don't do what site x, site y, and site z does. I'll tell you what these sites do. They focus 75% of their content on the games that have the highest payout. The other 25% is focused on catching stray keywords male performance pills, male organ enhancers, online casinos, you know the dirty underbelly of the web.

I stopped for a moment to digest this. Would we have to go these extremes just to be successful? Does this mean that doing things "right" isn't good enough? After a couple hours of thought, I decided that we will stand by our original mission to be the best. Being the best means not taking the easy way out. Being the best means bring committed to you, our members, and the game companies with which we work.

You've all seen the other MMORPG sites out there. You've seen the ones where you cannot find anything because everything is so messy. You've seen the ones that rate "terrible game X" as a 9.4. You've seen the ones that have can a speak one English to make you happy MMO play [sic].

If we want this to work, we need your help with something. Some of you may know this, but search engine rankings and search results thrive on links that point back to your site. Many of our more .. unscrupulous.. competitors have paid services that go out and blast thousands of links back to their sites. Some of them have set up multiple sites to point to each other in circles.

This is wrong. This is not how linkbacks were designed to work. Unfortunately, it happens and not just in the MMORPG portal market.
We need your help in getting "useful" linkbacks to us. We need you to go to your friends that own websites be they fansites, guild sites, anime sites, music sites, sites that share interests with MMO gamers anything relevant and we need you to ask them to swap links with us.

We're not looking for freebies here. We're looking to build our affiliate networks. We're looking to affiliate with sites we think have value for our members not sites that sell you cheap meds or knockoff Rolex watches.

We need these sites to use a very specific link code:

<a href="" target="_blank">ggFTW MMORPG Community</a>

You're free to point them to my e-mail address, paul.stout [at] ggftw [dawt] com, to work out our link back to them.

I believe in us. I believe in the community you built with a bit of guidance from us along the way. I believe in our mission to be the best. I believe we can do this without breaking our core values. In fact, I believe in it so much that I've fully committed myself to managing ggFTW over the next nine months.

Sunday, I resigned from my full-time online marketing manager position. Effective March 15th, I become ggFTW's first full-time employee. Effective March 15th, my salary drops to $1.00 USD per year until this place becomes solvent.

I have committed to investing everything I have into the community you built. Please help me prove that doing things the right way pays off. Please help us become the best and blast beyond those that care nothing about their audiences.

We've set a goal of 500 linkbacks for the month of March. In any given month, 5,000 registered members pass through these virtual walls. If every one of you can get only one link back to us, then we've exceeded our goal by one order of magnitude. Please remember to ask friends of yours that own the sites mentioned earlier and don't spam others' blogs & forums with this -- that's not how we roll.

We'll keep track of our progress in this thread: Great ggFTW Linkback Event To have a link counted, please PM it to me.

I implore you, please help us. Your ggFTW staff cannot do this alone.

With great humility,

Paul Stout
CEO, Gavist Media (now full-time)
View my portfolio: Paul Stout Photography

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