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Originally Posted by Yumidesu
Blitzcrank: Let me just take a few seconds to mindgame this person, wait for the exact, opportune time to use my Rocket Grab, and then we can kill him.
-20 seconds later-
Blitzcrank lands Rocket Grab.
Blitzcrank's mind: YEAH! I am a really good asset to my team!!
Blitzcrank is actually borderline OP, it is only Flash (and his relative difficulty) that keeps him from being OP.

Originally Posted by Yumidesu
Ryze: *Uses Flash as soon as he's grabbed* LOL U SO BAD SCRUB LRN2PLAY
Grab has suppression, if you're good at Blitz, you can chain CC for at least 1.5 seconds which is more than enough to gib a champion (unless they are a tank).

Originally Posted by Yumidesu
Yeah, Flash is a perfectly fair spell in every sense of the word. There's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with Flash. Nope.


Oh, you're funny. Reeeeeal funny.
Flash has been nerfed several times and champions that use Flash defensive (ranged AD carries) have had severe nerfs to their mobility (movement speed).

Originally Posted by Yumidesu
Okay, any smart Kassadin, provided they're actually trying, is going to run Flash/Cleanse. You're going to have trouble CCing Kassadin if he can Cleanse out of your stuns. If your team has more than one or two stuns, then said smart Kassadin will invest into a Banshee's Veil after Boots/Core Item. Good luck doing pretty much anything to him.
I have a lot to say about Kassadin, but it's going to be a long explanation mainly centering around his relatively low nuke damage to other AP carries.

Originally Posted by Yumidesu
Flash isn't that bad on people that will pretty much escape anyways, like Kassadin and Katarina and whatnot. It's the champions that have no escape without Flash that USE Flash that makes it a real kick in the nuts.

I mean, look at Heimerdinger. He's got no actual escape. He's a walking gold pot, if the Heimer player isn't all that good. But, with Flash, he's allowed to escape any bad situation he gets himself in.
Heimerdinger without Flash would be SO useless.

Originally Posted by Yumidesu
As said many times before: until Flash is made so you can't use it while in combat and 3 seconds afterwards (give or take a second), it won't be a balanced spell. They can increase the cooldown to 9 minutes, like Revive's cooldown. It won't freaking matter. People will still carry this spell because the advantages you get from having this spell is far greater than any other spell there is.
Not really, I see WAY more Ghosts than Flash, for good reason. The problem with Flash are its defensive uses, which really has been toned down (CD) and those that benefit the most (AD ranged carries) have been nerfed, which I mentioned before.

Also, the game is fairly balanced around AD ranged carries taking Flash. Imagine how bad it would be for these carries if Jarvan/Xin Zhao could get in their faces with no way to escape?